Intelligence in Children

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Children

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is crucial for children; it aids in developing self-awareness, emotional regulation, and social skills. High EQ in children leads to improved academic performance, better classroom behavior, and increased learning motivation. Developing EQ from a...
soft play

Benefits of soft play hire

Soft play is a great way to entertain children of all ages, and it’s the perfect way to entertain a large group at your next event to hire soft play in working. There are...

The Benefits Of Bibliotherapy In Childcare

Books and reading are an important part of early childhood education, providing children with important literacy skills, as well as supporting social and emotional wellbeing. In a childcare setting, reading books can help children develop...

What Is A Foster Carer’s Role

The role of a Foster Carer is to offer a secure, loving and stable home environment where children can achieve their full potential. Fostering is all about providing short term care for children who cannot...
Dressing Your Children

Tips to Consider When Dressing Your Children On Your Wedding Day

Many events occur daily; these events will have you dress your children for them to grace the occasion. And here is where it all starts to go south as you are not sure of...

Benefits of Daycare

Putting your child into daycare can be a tough decision. Many parents have to make this decision when their baby is very young, and they need to return to work. Although it is hard...
BERG Go Karts

BERG Go Karts for Outdoor Fun All Summer Long

When you were still a kid, you like going to the parks, playgrounds, and places where other children would love to go because you like playing with them. An innocent mind might be thinking...
Household Chores

8 Ways for Toddlers to Help with Household Chores

Young children are very enthusiastic when it comes to helping their parents with house chores. They are very obedient, and they will do everything to impress their parents. At this young age, duties present an...
Child Development

Ways to Ensure Essential Child Development

Children learn many things during their initial years of growth. It is during these formative years that your kid is introduced to new people outside home and begins to socialise. As a parent, it...
Childhood Education

Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

Little minds are always curious and transforming, especially during the first five years, a child’s brain matures rapidly than any other period during their lifetime.  Children pick up their best when they are not...

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