Young children are very enthusiastic when it comes to helping their parents with house chores. They are very obedient, and they will do everything to impress their parents.

At this young age, duties present an excellent learning opportunity for future responsibilities, communication, and building stable bonds with friends and family.

However, a child’s capacity is limited. They cannot carry as much or do things perfectly. You must assign them tasks that they can do comfortably.

If you are wondering how your 3 -year-old child can help around with house chores, here are eight ways.

1. Dusting the house

3-year-olds can help clean the house by dusting and sweeping dirty spots. As you do the other chores, engage your child in some tasks too.

Let them sweep off the little particles and breadcrumbs. It is not a big task but could take away part of the cleaning burden off your shoulders.

Remember to make it enjoyable, e.g., play some rock music. The idea is to get the kid excited about chores.

2. Feeding the Pet

If you have a cat or dog, letting your child feed it could free up some time for you. Children are naturally drawn to pets.

They make good partners, and often you will find them playing and looking out for each other. Remind him to feed the pet every day when you leave for work.

3. Making the Bed

From a young age, children ought to learn how to make their own beds. Learning how to make the bed might come as a bit of a challenge for toddlers, and you must be there when they do it.

Now, they may not do it correctly, but teaching them how to spread the sheets is the first step to learning responsibility.

4. Setting the Dinner Table

Preparing meals is one thing but setting the dinner table is another. It would be great to get a lending hand from your 3-year-old.

Your child could help set the table by placing table mats. This kind of teamwork will encourage them to eat everything you serve, including the vegetables.

5. Organising Clean Laundry

Toddlers can help organise clean laundry by sorting out different clothes and putting clean laundry into hampers.

From there, you just must pick up the baskets and fold the clothes. Your child can also fold smaller clothing like hand towels and washcloths.

6. Wiping Spillage on Countertops

Toddlers can help clean countertop spillages and spare you some time and energy. If they can reach the top, you are good to go.

That’s where tools like learning towers come in. Learning towers elevate toddlers safely to higher ground. This way, they can reach countertops and wipe off any spillages.

7. Watering Plants

You can buy a small watering can and show your child how to water the plants in your garden. At least you will not have to worry about that for the next few months.

8. Putting the Toys Away

Children spend most or part of their day playing with their toys. After a long busy day of playing, your children will have to retire to bed.

This is when you give them the chore of picking up and putting away their toys. Having your kids put away their toys will not only help to keep the house tidy, but it will also make it easy for you to vacuum the carpet after them.

However, this might not be the easiest task for your toddler. This is because they are more likely worn out around bedtime. Just find a fancy way to make toy picking before bed a routine.

Image source Pexels