A Parent’s Guide to Hipp vs. Holle Baby Formula


There could be various reasons why breastfeeding doesn’t suit every family. Sometimes a mother has no milk or just not enough. In such a way infant formula comes in handy. Then, a reasonable question arises: how to choose the right one for a newborn?

There are quite a few brands on the market, so you need to understand what to look for. The most important thing is to purchase appropriate age food with the needed nutrients for a kid. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to independently make a decision. This article is here to take you through a quick overview of two European organic formula manufacturers – HiPP and Holle.

What does organic formula stand for?

Organic stands for food which components are grown away from factories, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. During such food production, the whole process is controlled from raw materials to the already packaged product that goes to store shelves. Mineral fertilizers and plant protection products should not have been used.

Such production does not use GMOs, dyes, stabilizers, thickeners, replacing milk fat with vegetable fats, and so on. Animals should receive only natural food and should not be exposed to hormonal injections.

Why European ones?

Euro-leaf is the label of the European certification system for organic products. It is mandatory for them all if selling in Europe. For German buyers, the presence of this mark is more important than for consumers in the rest of the EU. This is due to the fact that the requirements for organic products in Germany are much stricter. Products with this label are at least 95% organic. The same guarantee is given by producers in Switzerland.

Holle. The best quality food for your child

Holle formula has been on the top among organic baby food for more than 70 years. Its food is made without sugar from whole grains, including shells. This allows preserving the full nutritional value of grains, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and valuable fiber. Therefore, Holle formula is the greatest solution for the digestive system of babies.

The selection of baby food includes formulas that are gluten-free and made from only one type of grain. Each product of the company has a balanced whey casein protein ratio. For example, goat formula is suitable for babies with digestion issues. Besides, such baby food is recommended if a kid suffers from a cow milk protein allergy. To keep a clean list of ingredients, Holle refuses of adding prebiotics or probiotics.

HiPP quality

HiPP only uses organic milk from farms that strictly follow the principles of biological farming. In addition, the company controls all products through its own laboratory tests, which are more stringent than those prescribed by European Union legislation. Almost all HiPP organic baby formula is based on lactose(except anti-reflex).

The company tries to follow a breast milk protein ratio in their formulas so they are good for sensitive stomachs. To sum up,  while HiPP provides a variety of infant food, Holle is famous for its exceptional farming practices. In the end, it is up to your view which formulas are the best based on the mentioned pros and cons.


Benefits of Daycare

Putting your child into daycare can be a tough decision. Many parents have to make this decision when their baby is very young, and they need to return to work. Although it is hard to be away from them, there are benefits to putting them into daycare.

Developmental Learning

One of the biggest benefits of your child being in day care Parker CO is how much they learn at such an early age. Even babies as young as a few months old are already being taught the skills they need at that specific age. As a new parent, it can be hard to know all of the things your child needs to learn. In daycares and schools, teachers are trained specifically in whatever age group your child is. Most daycares also have a wide range of developmental toys that will help with the learning process as well.

Socialization Skills

Starting children at a young age socializing is a great skill for them to have. Being around other people helps the child with attachment issues they may have if they are only around a parent all day. It also helps with their brain development. Socialization is a huge skill that children need to learn, and it doesn’t always come naturally. When a kid is in daycare, they get to be around other children that are similar ages to them. This teaches them a variety of skills from sharing to playing.

Built-up Immune System

Inevitably, your child will get sick if they are in daycare. With the volume of children there, it would be almost impossible to not catch a runny nose every few weeks. Although this is tough on the child and parents, it can actually help in the long run. Pediatricians suggest that if the child is exposed to certain viruses at a young age, they can actually have a greater defense towards it later in life. All kids get sick, and it is just a part of life. Getting some of this out of the way when they are young can help avoid greater issues in their future.

Daycare is an extremely beneficial option for both parents and children. Parents are able to go to work and leave their kids with people they trust. Children get to go play with other kids all day while also learning and building their brain muscles. If this option fits into your lifestyle it can be a great investment for your child’s future.


BERG Go Karts for Outdoor Fun All Summer Long

When you were still a kid, you like going to the parks, playgrounds, and places where other children would love to go because you like playing with them. An innocent mind might be thinking only about when or what to play outdoors but this is just one of the happy moments that a child must experience. That’s why parents should not take this chance away from them and must allow their children to enjoy their childhood days because going back to the lost days when they grow old is impossible.

That’s how simple a child’s happiness can be during the past decades, unlike today where all sorts of outdoor entertainment sites are already available just like BERG Go Karts NI where racing is even possible. Keep in mind that our young drivers should make sure that they will come with their parents or guardian because even older kids from Northern Ireland come and play there. What if it is your first ever experience riding in go-karts, then someone should guide and teach you how to drive it.

Every child would like to drive this go-kart that’s why the places where it is available are always full and pretty sure that more children from different parts of Northern Ireland will come during the summer. Well, there is no doubt about that since outdoor activities like BERG go-karting are in demand when the weather is good, and the sun shines brightly. I supposed this summer outdoor activity will not just be full of fun but also something where kids can learn new things.

Spirit of Sportsmanship

Most kids cry after losing a game or when they feel bad about it, but parents are also trying their best to have a talk and calm down their child. Of course, children can’t be like that all the time because they need to accept two things when karting, especially when joining a race. This is about losing and winning which must be learned and understood while these boys or girls are still young.

When you drive a kart, you may have the chance to join small competitions and so you must be prepared to accept results. Either you are a winner or a loser, your parents, friends, or team members will always be proud of you because you did your best – visit  to continue reading.

Parents play a very important role in teaching their children about accepting failures. In this way, they can enhance their social skills, value sportsmanship, and grow as a good person.


We all know that there is a risk to drive an automobile on the open road that’s why we try our best to keep on the safe side. Go-karts won’t lead you to danger even if it is an outdoor activity because the children are not allowed to go out of the area. They will learn how to drive safely and to use safety gear as well.

I supposed this is a good way for kids to learn self-discipline, too. They will also learn how to focus on the way and be mindful about other karts so that they can avoid hurting other drivers.

You should know that playing is not all about fun alone. This must be something that can be a way for younger generations to be better people. Keep in mind that the earlier you mold them to be good models, the stronger and the better they can become.

Motor Skills

Pretty sure that your son always bothers you about playing the steering wheel of your car that’s why you make sure that the keys are in a safe place where those small hands cannot reach. Well, you can give him a chance to drive by go-karting during the summer season. And then, hope that he will not insist to play that steering wheel again.

Go-karts may not be a real one, but this will be a good compromise for your little man to learn basic motor skills – check this out for the components of motor skills that your kids need. What he will learn may be limited but driving the kart in the area will make him feel real. I guess this will be fine for him since he will experience new things this summer and the fun out of this activity will be memorable as well.



Newborn babies are vulnerable to all kinds of external elements that might affect the baby that has just come into the world. They are quite tender and they need so much care and attention so that they do not get illnesses due to neglect of certain important factors.

The baby requires the best products right from the nutrition, hygiene maintenance, and also keeping the baby groomed and good looking even though it is still young. The most important products for the baby have to be first of all listed and at the top of the list comes the baby cot which is the essential item in order to make the baby sleep well. Sleep is a very important factor for the proper development of the newborn baby.

There are many brands that produce the cots and other baby items but you need to choose the best which is sturdy and made of good quality material like wood which can add to the comfort of the baby. Of all the brands the baby cot Singapore is considered the best choice where you can give the baby the best care and make the baby sleep properly and for long hours. The hours of sleep are very important for the brain development of the baby.

For more details on the subject, you can click on the link given above.

Rest is essential:

When you provide the right quality products for the welfare of the baby, the baby can sleep well.

Doctors suggest that babies have to sleep for long hours so that their system is developed properly and the rest is very much essential for the general health of the baby and resting for enough time helps the babies in growth and also in the developments of the brain, and also obtain immunity so that the baby can grow into a very intelligent and healthy person.

Newborn babies have the habit of sleeping most of the time during the day and also during the night.

The system gets the required time to grow and be of the right weight and height.

The online store has so many designs of cots and you can get them in the required dimensions which can be used until the baby grows up or outgrows the cot.

It is prudent to choose a baby cot in Singapore that is available at a reasonable price.


Which Type of Nanny is Right for You?

Families are depending on the help of nannies now more than ever before. Learn the benefits of each type of nanny.

Fulltime Nannies

Nannies and babysitters are not the same. Their duties might be similar, but in general, babysitters are hired by the hour and nannies are fulltime employees hired by the family for a long period of time, usually one year. They can either live with the family or arrive at a designated time each day.

A nanny’s duties can include preparing meals, bringing the children to appointments or putting them to bed. Some nannies even go on vacation with the family.

The most important thing is to hire from a reputable agency like nanny share services Wilmington NC.

Temporary Nannies

Temporary nannies perform the same duties as fulltime nannies but are only hired for one month at a time. This could be to get the family through a rough patch due to a new birth, or because one parent needs to temporarily work at a remote location.

Shared Nannies 

Shared nannies work for two or more different families. Maybe one family only needs help after school and through bedtime, but the other needs the most help in the morning. It could make a lot of sense for a family to share and pay for their services only when needed, while still providing continuity to the children.

Educator Nannies

Educator nannies can act as tutors to children who need extra help with a subject. They can also attend online classes with a child and provide reinforcement and encouragement with homework.

An educator nanny will provide many of the same services as other nannies, but will should also have a a background in education.

Each family situation is different and there is a nanny to meet the needs of every family.


Healthy, shiny and beautiful hair: 6 simple ways

How to make your hair beautiful and healthy?

Beautiful long hair is a dream of many women. There is nothing strange about it. Waves of shiny hair flowing down the back in cascades evoke admiration, add sex appeal and appeal. However, maintaining the dazzling effect is only possible thanks to systematic care and following a few rules. This is most often the main reason why the ladies bet on short hairstyles. If you want to take up the challenge and become a holder of beautiful hair, you must follow the following rules. They are not as time-consuming as it may seem and the effect is worth its price.

  1. Washing your hair.

Perhaps some of you will ask what can be complicated about washing your hair that I am writing about. It is very important to comb your hair before wetting it. If you don’t do this, you risk getting tangled up, which weakens the hair structure. It is worth washing your head standing up instead of bending it down. This prevents hair from tangling, as well as using cool water at the end of rinsing. When spreading the shampoo, take a moment to massage the scalp, which stimulates the bulbs, making the hair grow faster. It is best to avoid combing wet hair – it is better to wait until it is a little dry and use special brushes.

  1. Hairstyling.

Like a fire, avoid hot air from electrical appliances. Curling iron and a flat iron is a killer for hair structure. With daily, hot hair styling, the ends crumble, creating a “non-growing hair” effect. We do not notice their growth because we lose the damaged ends. The healthiest thing for hair is to leave it to dry and curl more natural ways, such as coiling up strands of hair, pinning it with pins or making braids.

Avoid mechanical damage.

If you have long hair, you should be very careful – it is very easy to pinch it with a handbag or zip it up, and this damages it. Making a habit of so-called “watch out for hair” quickly gets into your blood, only at the beginning you have to think “hair”, e.g. on the bus to pick it up ahead, before putting on the bag to pick it up from your shoulder.

  1. Care.

This is the most important point on our list. What hair needs most is hydration and nourishment. Even those that are greasy. That’s why vegetable oils work well. You often have to try several types before you find the perfect one. Don’t be discouraged if it turns out that the coconut or argan oil that everyone is praising does not work on your head – just reach for another type. You should also use a hair mask and rinse once a week. I especially recommend with apple vinegar (2 tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water), which cleans the hair of all substances and impurities. On frosty days do not forget about silicones. Nothing better will protect your hair from harmful factors, but do not use them in excessive quantities.

4. Comb your hair twice a day

By combing your hair you stimulate circulation in the scalp, which stimulates hair growth and general hair nutrition. This massage is the easiest and cheapest way to take care of your hair.

5. Rinse your head with cold water.

Perhaps just thinking about bathing in cool water will give you shivers. However, it is sometimes worthwhile to struggle because it has incredible refreshing and circulatory stimulating properties. It can be a great remedy for dull and weak hair, not healthy hair.

If you haven’t used any of our advice on how to make your hair beautiful and healthy yet – don’t hesitate! You can start today.

If all the ways fail, maybe it is worth deciding on human hair extensions? Hairdressing accessories stores also offer hair extensions tools and nano tip hair extensions.


4 Ways to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids

As a parent, your goal is probably for your kids to be happy and healthy. There are a million books and opinions out there, but some of the best strategies are actually very simple.

1. Help Them Stay Active

Exercise is important for a growing child, but not because a child needs to have a slim figure or grow muscle. It helps with development and can even help manage stress. You can help kids stay active by encouraging outdoor play or by signing your child up for childrens sports Maple Valley WA.

2. Provide Nutritious Foods

Children can only eat the food that is provided to them. If you want them to make healthy food decisions then you need to have nutritious food as an option. Have an array of whole grains, fruits and vegetables available for snacks and as sides during dinner. If a child learns to like all kinds of food while he or she is young, it can become a habit as he or she grows older.

3. Model Positive Behavior

Children are copycats and notice almost everything going on around them. If you yell at your children, don’t be surprised when your child’s teacher says that he or she has been yelling at school too. If you want your child to act a certain way, you need to give an example. You can show positive ways to deal with hard emotions. As children grow, they will be able to use the tools shown to them by their parents when times become difficult.

4. Have Family Time

Family time is a great time to build relationships. A strong bond gives your children confidence that they can trust you and lean on you during a hard time. They can feel happy knowing that they will always have the support and love of their parents.

The happiness and health of your children can come from the opportunities you give them to learn good habits and develop functional relationships.


How to Order Flowers Online in London: An Easy Step-By-Step

More and more people figure out that ordering flower delivery online is the most convenient way to do it. You can bring happiness and joy to the people you adore with several clicks and about 5 to 10 minutes of your time. If you know how to order online, of course.

But if you don’t know, it’s fine. We’ve prepared a super easy step-by-step, after which you’ll be able to buy bouquets in mere minutes.

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Flower Delivery Service in London

Choosing a reliable service isn’t that difficult nowadays. You can go to and read reviews of the best flower delivery companies in London. If you need more information, here’s what to do:

  • Read info on the website of the company;
  • Read reviews;
  • Contact them to get answers.

Step 2: Choose a Bouquet

There’s a wide variety of flowers for any occasion. Browse, search, sort them until you find the one bouquet you need. Then click on it and find a button that says “Add to cart” or “Buy,” or anything in this manner.

Step 3: Proceed to the Order Form and Fill It

You’ll be redirected to the order form. Make sure you include all the necessary information, including the address of the recipient, their and your contact info. Then, fill in your bank account information to make the payment.

Step 4: Wait for Confirmation

After completing the form, wait for confirmation via phone or email. Different companies handle offers in a different way, but the good thing is you won’t have to wait for a long time. Make sure to have some patience, though, if you order flowers on a public holiday – there’s so much work to do during those days.

And here you go, the florist must be already busy with your bouquet! Upon delivery, the company will notify you if everything’s alright, and then, hopefully, the person you sent flowers to will show how happy they are with a grateful phone call!


8 Ways for Toddlers to Help with Household Chores

Young children are very enthusiastic when it comes to helping their parents with house chores. They are very obedient, and they will do everything to impress their parents.

At this young age, duties present an excellent learning opportunity for future responsibilities, communication, and building stable bonds with friends and family.

However, a child’s capacity is limited. They cannot carry as much or do things perfectly. You must assign them tasks that they can do comfortably.

If you are wondering how your 3 -year-old child can help around with house chores, here are eight ways.

1. Dusting the house

3-year-olds can help clean the house by dusting and sweeping dirty spots. As you do the other chores, engage your child in some tasks too.

Let them sweep off the little particles and breadcrumbs. It is not a big task but could take away part of the cleaning burden off your shoulders.

Remember to make it enjoyable, e.g., play some rock music. The idea is to get the kid excited about chores.

2. Feeding the Pet

If you have a cat or dog, letting your child feed it could free up some time for you. Children are naturally drawn to pets.

They make good partners, and often you will find them playing and looking out for each other. Remind him to feed the pet every day when you leave for work.

3. Making the Bed

From a young age, children ought to learn how to make their own beds. Learning how to make the bed might come as a bit of a challenge for toddlers, and you must be there when they do it.

Now, they may not do it correctly, but teaching them how to spread the sheets is the first step to learning responsibility.

4. Setting the Dinner Table

Preparing meals is one thing but setting the dinner table is another. It would be great to get a lending hand from your 3-year-old.

Your child could help set the table by placing table mats. This kind of teamwork will encourage them to eat everything you serve, including the vegetables.

5. Organising Clean Laundry

Toddlers can help organise clean laundry by sorting out different clothes and putting clean laundry into hampers.

From there, you just must pick up the baskets and fold the clothes. Your child can also fold smaller clothing like hand towels and washcloths.

6. Wiping Spillage on Countertops

Toddlers can help clean countertop spillages and spare you some time and energy. If they can reach the top, you are good to go.

That’s where tools like learning towers come in. Learning towers elevate toddlers safely to higher ground. This way, they can reach countertops and wipe off any spillages.

7. Watering Plants

You can buy a small watering can and show your child how to water the plants in your garden. At least you will not have to worry about that for the next few months.

8. Putting the Toys Away

Children spend most or part of their day playing with their toys. After a long busy day of playing, your children will have to retire to bed.

This is when you give them the chore of picking up and putting away their toys. Having your kids put away their toys will not only help to keep the house tidy, but it will also make it easy for you to vacuum the carpet after them.

However, this might not be the easiest task for your toddler. This is because they are more likely worn out around bedtime. Just find a fancy way to make toy picking before bed a routine.

Image source Pexels


A child in a car: what should be purchased for child’s in-car comfort and safety

What is necessary for a child in a car? The seats are designed specially for children in order to protect them from injuries in road accidents and to provide comfort during travelling in a car. Infants require a lot of care in their first years, but a child car seat is the most important one. Such seats are mandatory in most countries and there are high penalties for transporting a child without a proper seat. Adult seat belt cannot standard ECE R44 used for a child as it is designed for taller and heavier occupants thus can harm children. Our online-shop presents child seats and boosters. Booster seats and booster cushions, mounted on the car seat in order to assure a proper position of a seating child, present the second category. Use of a booster allows using an adult seat belt put into the appropriate position across the child’s chest. These accessories are not appropriate for babies but for larger children.

According to UN standard ECE R44 all child seats are divided into four groups, depending on a child’s age and weight. These are:

  1. It includes rearward facing carry cots and seats which are assure in placed by a standard adult seat belt and/or an ISOFIX fitting. They hold a child lying on its back and are designed for infants of <10 kg weight. If the child seat is mounted in the front, make sure the front airbag is disabled.

0+. This group seats can accommodate children from newborn all the way through to 13kg.

  1. These seats are fastened with the help of an adult seat belt and have five-point baby harness to hold an infant. Recommended weight is 9–18 kg. Group 1 seats provide forward-facing seating.
  2. This group is presented by larger seats designed for children of 15–25 kg weight.
  3. Seats of this group are also known as booster seats. They are recommended for a child of 22–36 kg weight.

You can find child seats for your car with us at Autodoc.