Children learn many things during their initial years of growth. It is during these formative years that your kid is introduced to new people outside home and begins to socialise. As a parent, it is your prime responsibility to monitor your child’s whereabouts, and his communication for all of these lead to the most crucial aspect called child development.

Discover some ways to ensure child development. Check these out!

1.Establish a routine.

Making a routine and abiding by it is vital in safeguarding your child from unnecessary anxiety at such a tender age. When your child is clear and habitual to a routine that includes a series of activities such as bathing, reading, playing, sleeping, etc., he lives confidently and freely. When unexpected things happen, it triggers his anxiety, making him nervous about his surroundings and not allowing him to explore completely.

2.Monitor your baby’s growth.

This can be done by using a baby growth calculator. These calculators measure the height, weight and the size of the head of the child as compared to his age and allow you to subsequently analyse the growth of your baby. This should be regularly taken care of by you and your baby’s healthcare provider.

3.Playtime is equally important.

Now is the time when your child’s physical strength can be enhanced along with his mental being. Give your kid plenty of opportunities to explore and discover. Do not keep him and his imagination restricted to the four walls of your house or the school. Take him to the park, the zoo and such nature-driven places and do more of that.

4.Nurture the problem solver in your child.

Problem-solving is a quality not many can conquer but however, is the most sought-after one. Train your kid to discuss ideas. Enlighten him with the fact that problems need not be discussed, their solutions should be. Start with basics. Indulge him with some games such as a jigsaw puzzle or host a kids’ party and introduce games wherein your child needs to take responsibility, solve clues, find treasures and share the prize with the rest of his team.

5.Give your child some responsibility.

That doesn’t mean you go tough on him and cut out on all the pampering. Pamper him just the right amount so that he doesn’t take it for granted but also respects your word. Start with small responsibilities such as bringing ingredients from the fridge, collecting plates at the dinner table, switching off the lights before going to bed, etc. Show some confidence in him and let him surprise you.

Diet also plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Plan meals with the help of a nutrition chart. This will allow you to cook healthy, properly balanced meals without much of a hassle and will introduce your child to the concept of healthy eating. Enjoy this process, and get, set and go about it!