As a parent, your goal is probably for your kids to be happy and healthy. There are a million books and opinions out there, but some of the best strategies are actually very simple.

1. Help Them Stay Active

Exercise is important for a growing child, but not because a child needs to have a slim figure or grow muscle. It helps with development and can even help manage stress. You can help kids stay active by encouraging outdoor play or by signing your child up for childrens sports Maple Valley WA.

2. Provide Nutritious Foods

Children can only eat the food that is provided to them. If you want them to make healthy food decisions then you need to have nutritious food as an option. Have an array of whole grains, fruits and vegetables available for snacks and as sides during dinner. If a child learns to like all kinds of food while he or she is young, it can become a habit as he or she grows older.

3. Model Positive Behavior

Children are copycats and notice almost everything going on around them. If you yell at your children, don’t be surprised when your child’s teacher says that he or she has been yelling at school too. If you want your child to act a certain way, you need to give an example. You can show positive ways to deal with hard emotions. As children grow, they will be able to use the tools shown to them by their parents when times become difficult.

4. Have Family Time

Family time is a great time to build relationships. A strong bond gives your children confidence that they can trust you and lean on you during a hard time. They can feel happy knowing that they will always have the support and love of their parents.

The happiness and health of your children can come from the opportunities you give them to learn good habits and develop functional relationships.