Families are depending on the help of nannies now more than ever before. Learn the benefits of each type of nanny.

Fulltime Nannies

Nannies and babysitters are not the same. Their duties might be similar, but in general, babysitters are hired by the hour and nannies are fulltime employees hired by the family for a long period of time, usually one year. They can either live with the family or arrive at a designated time each day.

A nanny’s duties can include preparing meals, bringing the children to appointments or putting them to bed. Some nannies even go on vacation with the family.

The most important thing is to hire from a reputable agency like nanny share services Wilmington NC.

Temporary Nannies

Temporary nannies perform the same duties as fulltime nannies but are only hired for one month at a time. This could be to get the family through a rough patch due to a new birth, or because one parent needs to temporarily work at a remote location.

Shared Nannies

Shared nannies work for two or more different families. Maybe one family only needs help after school and through bedtime, but the other needs the most help in the morning. It could make a lot of sense for a family to share and pay for their services only when needed, while still providing continuity to the children.

Educator Nannies

Educator nannies can act as tutors to children who need extra help with a subject. They can also attend online classes with a child and provide reinforcement and encouragement with homework.

An educator nanny will provide many of the same services as other nannies, but will should also have a a background in education.

Each family situation is different and there is a nanny to meet the needs of every family.