Many of you who are familiar with what the Rookie Profit system is are already aware about how big it became in the last period, since there were many people that got rich during a night. Practically, the only thing you need to do when taking care about it is following the guidelines made by someone else, who has already gained success in this job.

But besides its true efficiency, how has it become so popular among the people? Probably the best answer to this question is the review of the career to its founder, Steven Bransfield. He is a 22 years old man which has decided to build a seven-figure internet business. Once he has achieved his goals, making one million dollars online he has become an international speaker training with thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.

Probably you are wondering what has helped him become that popular, lucky and successful and the answer is based over one main point, considering that he did what the others weren’t willing to do. Two years ago he did something which many of us wouldn’t be brave enough to do. He moved to another place with only $100 in his pocket with an opportunity of working with Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE. Once the opportunity was given to him, he decided to accept the challenge and continue fighting for his dreams. In his own words, hesitation means losing the opportunity. Steven was brave enough to take the advantages of the opportunity which has helped him be the youngest MOBE affiliate to cross the one million dollars in commission.

But this is not the end of Steven’s story. He was the founder of the Rookie Profit System which has led him to an enormous success and helped him serve as an inspiration to thousands of people. He is a very professional young person focused over improving the Rookie Profit System marketplace. As the most successful online marketer, he has helped to many people in reaping the benefits from his program. He continued his work engaging with other people, helping them achieve their dream by showing him a remarkable opportunity in the marketing field. Considering what he did in a short and how many happy customers are out there now, we must admit that his story was one of the most optimistic ones during the previous year.

As we’ve previously mentioned, when Steven started his job he was 22 years old, and as the most people on that age, he was struggling to figure out his education career and path. But only one decision has helped him to make sure that he will have a bright future until the end of his life. He was patient enough and in one year, he made 1 million dollars with using his Rookie Profit System.

As an independent entrepreneur he travels the world teaching others on gaining success using the system he has developed in the past, living his dream life and having his dream house. If having a house in the Hollywood Hills and driving a BMW at this age is unbelievable to you, maybe it is time to change your mind once we have an example of such a successful story which is worth spreading.

His secret is based on his way of mentor and coach. That it is why its program comes with an online coaching. That is what he does it all around the world and by that, he believes that it is the best method of doing the things. Also, he has learned how to focus his attention on money making, instead of doing what other people on his age are used to. He was dedicated to build a system from scratch, he leveraged the Rookie Profit system that his mentor Matt already had in place. Instead of starting from the beginning he focused his attention over learning how to make it better and get leads. The perks of his system are many, but mostly people love it since the only thing they need to do is learn how to find leads, which is a skill that everyone considering working with marketing is familiar with.

Now, once he has succeeded, he has also gained more time and freedom of choice, since he has enough time to do whatever he wants. He can choose upon the places around the world and work whenever he wants.

Steven Bransfield is now driving a BMW, which is an indicator of how his life has changes during those two years. Back in times, while he was still at the University, he knew that he wanted something different from his life, he needed to make something which will be remarkable for him. He was not happy with his regular life, knowing how his future will develop, so he knew that if he continued the path he was going, he would have ended up like everyone else.

He is constantly saying how thankful he is to his mentor, Matt Lloyd (you can read more about him here) and that’s the reason why his programs is based over mentoring the others as well. Following a successful story will help you achieve what you’ve always dreamed of for sure, and now, without the need of making big decisions that can screw your life, but simply, doing something in which if you believe and to the things as recommended, you will end up living Steven’s life too.


Steven’s story can serve you as an excellent guide over taking the big decisions in your life and accepting the opportunities that are coming across your way. Steven can be your Matt and he can guide you through the paths of making a lot of money and stop following the standard life, made by many years of education and yet, double of that amount when working. Life is what happens in the middle so it is better if you start looking at the things smarter, rather than thinking that working for other people can lead you to your success.