Reborn dolls are the most realistic dolls, quite similar to the real baby. Just as Anthony, the founder of suggested: Reborn dolls can help with infertile couples and overcome depression. So you have to treat them like a real baby. You need to care and have fun with your baby doll by spending some time together.

Making fun with your dolls is quite amazing. There are different ways to do fun with baby dolls. Let us discuss some.

1. Have cuddle time

Whenever you come home, hold your doll into arms, play music, and start cuddling them, this shows your love and affection with your baby and lessens your stress. Love with your doll so that it can feel happy and loved.

2. Get it dressed

Pick out a cute and comfortable outfit for your reborn doll and get it ready. Choose a beautiful dress color that suits your baby like if it looks pretty in a purple outfit, then go for it.

3. Brushing and styling its hair

Give your doll a beautiful hairstyle. Taking a few minutes to brush it that will keep it clean and tangle-free.

4. Take pictures and make a video

You should make a video or do a photoshoot of your dolls. Choose different possess so that it looks, a real baby. You can upload these pictures on Instagram or post videos on YouTube to make some fun and enjoy comments on it.

5. Make them a bottle

It will be great fun to make a bottle for your doll and feed it. You can choose different things to make a feed bottle like milk or juices. If it refuses to take, then feed it later, maybe it will not be hungry at that time.

6. Take it outside

You do not want your baby doll to keep inside all day. Take it to the park and put it on the baby swing, make a slide together and you can take it to stores and do some shopping for it.

7. Play with your doll

Get out its toys and start playing with your sweetheart. Take pictures and save these precious moments.

8. Bathe the doll

After a lot of fun, it may be tired and need to refresh, so give a bath to the doll and then make it some rest.

9. Change its diaper

Dolls are just like a real baby, so they also want diaper change. Take off its old one, clean it up, and put a new one.

10. Watch a movie together

Sit on the couch and start watching your favorite show or movie. You will be love watching it together.

11. Tell a bedtime story.

As you know, babies love stories and can’t sleep without listening to it. Therefore, read a short story and make dolls happy.

12. Sing a song.

You can sing a song in an alternative story. Hold the doll into your arms and sing a soft song for your sweetheart baby.

13. Put the doll on bed.

Now that gets cold into your arms, gently lay it down in the crib and kiss it a good night.