The moment you discover that you are expecting a child, you may already be intimidated by the thought of labor and delivery. While childbirth can be incredibly difficult and painful, it is also a completely natural experience that the human body is equipped to handle with success. If you are unsure as to whether or not you wish to deliver through natural childbirth methods, here are three benefits to choosing this approach.

Access to a Birth Center

Women who choose natural childbirth have the option of delivering their baby in a tampa bay birth center. These locations offer a wide variety of amenities not available in most typical hospital settings, including queen beds and pools for a water birth. Many facilities offer more comfortable accommodations for mothers and their guests during labor as well as for postpartum recovery.

Freedom to Make More Choices During Labor

Women who choose a natural labor are more likely to select a hospital or birthing center that supports this approach to childbirth. As a result, many expectant mothers can choose from a wider variety of options during labor and delivery. Remote fetal monitoring can offer the freedom to move and change positions during labor. The ability to eat and drink throughout the process can help maintain valuable energy for the task at hand.

A More Memorable First Hour with Baby

When choosing a natural childbirth, you will likely be able to engage in what is commonly known as “magic hour” with your baby. This practice delays less urgent examinations to provide mother and baby with the opportunity to bond and nurse during the first hour of life. Keep in mind that any complications may delay this experience, since health and safety are always the top priority. However, in many cases it is perfectly safe and incredibly beneficial to bond with your baby immediately after delivery.

There are many benefits to choosing a natural birth when planning for your labor and delivery. With the proper guidance and support, you can have a positive experience while giving birth to your child.