The rate of deforestation all over the world is unimaginable. In fact, research conducted by a group of students from Harvard University shows that over 95% of the indigenous forests in the U.S. have been cut down as of the early 21st century. Even though deforestation encourages industrialization, urbanization, and agriculture, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives, so anyone who’s about to buy a power saw should take note not to waste this precious natural resource. However, things are slowly changing.

As thousands and thousands of wood recycling companies pop up every year, it’s becoming evident that millions of people are getting serious about recycling. According to reliable sources, some recycling plants receive about 3 tons of pallets every day in need of recycling. Other products include wooden furniture and timber from demolished houses. Isn’t this a step in the right direction? Recycle Wood to Help Save the Environment Pallet recycling in Brampton is a great way to go about helping the environment and save many trees in the process. If you were to move around your house you’ll realize that over 60% of your household items are made of wood. Wall cabinets, chairs, beds, tables, desks – the list is endless.

Since wood is a valuable resource you must be careful not to take it for granted and risk running out of trees to meet your demand for wooden products. Also, by recycling tons of waste wood instead of landfilling, we’ll be reducing the amount of landfill tax we pay on a regular basis. If the wood is allowed to rot in landfill sites, a lot of methane gas is also produced as a result. Methane is often more harmful to the environment than other pollutants. Products Made from Recycled Wood are Beautiful and Durable So you’re thinking about things you can do to help the environment. You have recycled tons and tons of cans, bottles, and newspapers in your lifetime. You replaced your fuel-guzzler with a more fuel-efficient car. But there’s something you haven’t done – buying recycled furniture for your home or office. Recycled furniture is made from recycled wood.

Needless to say, wood furniture will stay in this world forever, and nothing beats that dining table sitting in the middle of your dining room made of reclaimed wood, ever! Old wood furniture has an inherent and unique beauty that can only be found in recycled wood. Some of the furniture designed from reclaimed wood is traditional in style, while other pieces are quite unique and innovative. In all cases, they make excellent use of existing materials that would otherwise find their way into the landfill. It’s also worth noting that wood recycling produces wood that’s over 95% moisture-free.

This type wood is tougher and more durable than its counterparts coming directly from forests. Reclaimed Wood can Act as a Source of Renewable Energy Moreover, pallet recycling in Brampton has attracted several investors because wood chips can be used as a renewable fuel for energy production. In fact, many developed countries have well laid out plans to generate at least 20% of their energy requirements from renewable sources by the year 2030.

This includes heating most learning institutions, hospitals and other public facilities using recycled wood. Major electricity generating companies have started building large power stations that will consume millions of tons of recycled wood chips annually.