The pediatric blood pressure cuff is designed to minimize harm and injury to the child. Pediatric monitors are used as part of a pediatric health care team that includes family physicians, nurses, and other primary care providers.The Digital Sphygmomanometer is a portable, computerized medical instrument for measuring an individual’s arterial pressure using two digital monitors. The Digital Sphygmomanometer has two monitors. These monitors are placed on a central console that is attached to the patient’s upper arm.Digital monitors are easy to use. They are able to produce accurate readings within the same time period as that it takes a patient to blink their eyes, which is around four seconds. These monitors are good because they can provide the same result when compared to finger pressure, pulse oximeter, or blood pressure cuff, etc. Digital monitors also have the advantage of being able to produce a more accurate reading.Auscultatory Measurement of Blood Pressure in ToddlersDigital Monitors can be used by pediatric patients who do not require blood pressure checks. They can also be used in the presence of pregnant women or children who are very young. In cases where the patient’s blood pressure is low, the Digital Monitors can also be used as a supplementary instrument.Monitor for Children can be purchased at any local pharmacy. The hospitals and clinics that provide high-quality medical services usually provide this equipment for free.The Pediatric Sphygmomanometer is a less expensive digital monitor. It is used in cases where the child’s blood pressure is over normal levels. It is used in schools, community clinics, and other medical facilities that serve children. Digital Monitors is recommended for children under the age of seven.The Pediatric Sphygmomanometer is similar to the Digital Sphygmomanometer. Both monitors require an adult to attach the monitor to the patient’s upper arm with Velcro straps.For the Pediatric Sphygmomanometer, the monitors have two sets of electronic functions. One set contains a digital display that shows the blood pressure reading of the patient.The second set contains a transmitter that transmits the reading directly to the child’s arm. Children have full control over the instrument so they can adjust the way the blood pressure is displayed. A Digital Sphygmomanometer is designed to accurately measure blood pressure, even if the child is not sitting directly in front of the monitor.Most Pediatric Digital Monitors is equipped with a joystick. This joystick enables the user to move the monitor to the desired position or to tilt the monitor downwards or upwards. A Digital Sphygmomanometer is designed to easily fit into most common child medical devices such as overnight bags, bottles, flasks, and other small items.Child’s arm monitors come in different models and prices. The Pediatric Sphygmomanometer for infants and children costs about $50.00 while the Digital Sphygmomanometer is approximate twice the price at around $100.00.Children will often use their digital monitors when they are out of bed. The digital monitor allows the children to listen to music or watch television without being interrupted by an alarm clock. The health of the child depends on the accurate measurement of blood pressure.