It can be safely said that fashion is an ever-evolving thing – women nowadays never dress like the way women dressed in the 1890’s or even the 1990s. Though with the evolution of fashion, things should change logically too but there are very few who realize the fact that the etiquette surrounding fashion also needs to change with time. While there are few traditions which are still followed for some good reason like guests are not suggested to wear white for a wedding so that they can avert competing with the bride on her D-Day, there are other unnecessary traditions which should be left behind. As the sartorial standards keep changing, let’s go through a handy guide on choosing a perfect dress according to an occasion.

Occasion #1: Wedding party

Unlike previous days, black and red can be the best choices for a wedding while white is a big No-No for the aforementioned reason. When it comes to choosing what to wear, let the season, invitation and the hour dictate your choice. If it’s a day wedding, avoid wearing anything that’s heavily sequined or beaded. If it’s a reception or a cocktail party, that calls for a cocktail dress. Choosing a pale pink gown can be okay but not a hot pink for sure!

Occasion #2: A cocktail party

As long as occasion dresses are concerned, cocktail dresses have always been in style for any kind of cocktail invitation. Nowadays, a cocktail party can range from a low-key affair among a group of friends to a swanky society affair. Cocktail parties are casual and dressy and you’ll never go wrong when you wear a top along with a tailored pant or a skirt teaming it up with fancy flats or heels. You can also wear a satin skirt, earrings, heels and stack your arm with bangles.

Occasion #3: Dinner party

Previously, a dinner party was synonymous with a little black dress or an LBD which is a wardrobe must-have. But nowadays you can choose your outfit according to the kind of party. As per different variables like who the guests are, what special occasion it is, you won’t ever find any appropriate answer. For a dinner party, if you overdress, you can soon make the host of the party feel uncomfortable and if you under-dress, you can offend your friends for the party. A safer option would be to wear a buttoned-up skirt along with a smart blouse and team it up with a pair of dangly earring. You may check out JJ’s House for more options.

So, if you have a fabulous occasion coming up in your family or among your friends, keep in mind the above mentioned tips to choose the perfect dress for the special day. Though it is tough to understand where to begin with while shopping, yet you can shop according to the list of things that you need. Feel and look your fabulous best for any occasion that you attend.