Finding toys to keep your children occupied when the weather heats up can be difficult, particularly as mobile phones and games consoles have become so popular. But with a wide range of ride on toys suitable for 1 year old boys as well as children up to the age of 8 you can find the perfect toy to keep your younger children occupied without spending a small fortune.

PonyCycle Ride On

Aimed at the ages of 4-9 years old, the PonyCycle is the perfect way to entertain your children whether they are spending time at home or on a day out. This unique form of transportation is perfect to capture your younger one’s imagination allowing them to feel as though they are riding their very own horse. In addition to this there is also the option for a unicorn, allowing your children to get lost in their very own fantasies.

Hover Board Go Kart Adapter

Hoverboards became highly popular when they were launched in 2015. With celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Justin Bieber and Martha Stewart all having a go, it was no surprise that this toy was a popular favourite with many. But since they have lost popularity the invention of the go-kart adapter is giving this toy a whole other lease of life. This toy is the perfect way to change your old toy into a completely different allowing your children to race and enjoy this toy whilst staying safe and having some fast-paced fun with their friends.

Nighthawk Ride On

This ride on toy is perfect for your children who are looking for a toy that is faced paced to enjoy with their friends. With slalom wheels as well as a motor, you can have all the fun you need with a easy to charge 12v battery. This toy is the perfect present for children ages 5 and up and can be used in the garden or at your local park to have fun and race around with friends. In addition to this it is only £70 allowing you to give your children the perfect distraction this summer without breaking the bank.

Rolly Farmtrac Tractor

This ride on toy is suitable for children ages to 3-8 years and has the perfect combination of fun and learning as they explore and learn more about tractors. With not only comes with an opening bonnet and pedal crank it has heavy duty front axle suspension to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable as they play. This toy is the perfect addition to any home and can be stored in the garage with ease until the weather heats up. This can then be taken to the park or used in the garden to keep your children happy at all times.

With this in mind, there are a number of ride on toys that you can purchase for your children to not only keep them occupied but also ensure that they are safe and enjoy the free time that they have either after school or during the holidays.