Ovadia Hatton Gardens Jewellers

is a family-based jewellery shop that deals with timeless pieces which speak of our passion for nature’s brilliant creations. We are one of the best jewellery shops in London with our shop localized at Hatton Gardens.

Ovadia Jewellers has been in operation since 2015 after taking over from Antony Gray, which had been in operation for the last 27 years. Our stock is made up of exquisite designs for the pieces encompassing the mystical wonder of diamond and golden radiance.

The shop is run by Hannah and her husband, Ben. Together, they have a vast experience in jewellery and gemstones with Hannah having a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) as a graduate gemologist. She also has worked on rough diamonds accumulating vast knowledge on the precious carbon. Ben also has studied diamonds and worked with polished diamond manufacturers before starting the shop.

Having been in the jewellery industry for several years, we strive to provide a unique and personalised experience for each of our customers. We get to show you our vast range of captivating and lustrous jewellery to cherish every moment. Visit us at our store, and we promise an amazing journey through the timeless pieces.

Engagement rings

For over five hundred years now, engagement rings have become the highlight of any proposal. They are a symbol of love and dedication from the gentleman proposing to the lady. In these modern times, they have become popular amongst men too. Both fiancés get to wear similar rings as proof of their love and engagement.

Our collection of engagement rings features a wide range of the finest pieces of jewellery you can find. From halo to ruby and diamond rings, our collection encompasses breath-taking pieces that will help you create the perfect proposal.

We also provide bespoke services for engagement rings for a more personalised touch and experience. Our expert designers will work with you to create a beautiful piece that will be the starlight of your proposal.

Wedding rings.

Wedding rings are one of the greatest investment a couple can make. They a symbol of love. A symbol of fidelity. A symbol of your eternity with them. Make the right investment in the ring is not an option, it is a necessity.

Our collection of handcrafted wedding rings represent a celebration of your start in married life with a sparkle. The rings elucidate the bright and colourful life to be spent together. From diamond sets to eternity rings, our rings are special and unique just like your vows. A compliment to your timeless love.

You may also prefer bespoke wedding rings that are crafted to your preference of width, depth and style. We will take your vision and make it a reality to create something unique to match your engagement ring.

Bespoke Jewellery

Ovadia Jewellers will provide one-of-a-kind handcrafted luxurious jewellery that you will treasure for ages to come. We offer prestigious, independent and creative jewellery designs. We specialise in turning precious metals and stones into adorable bespoke masterpieces.

Our sketchbooks will provide fresh ideas for that loose diamond waiting to be turned into one scintillating piece. We will walk with you throughout the journey from concept to creation to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the perfect diamond piece produced.

What’s better is that you will gain access to our exclusive bespoke jewellery studios to monitor the progress of your piece. You are welcome to visit us in our shop for design consultations. You may also phone us directly on 020 7405 1063.

Loose Diamonds

Ovadia Jewellers offers one of the largest online collection of loose diamonds in the world. The diamonds come in over 10 different classic shapes with varying weights of carat and properties. You get to choose your piece by factoring in clarity, colour, cut and carat weight of the diamonds.

All our diamonds are GIA certified and are sourced from conflict-free zones. All our suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure the diamonds are sourced in an ethically conscious manner.

Visit our online collection today or hop in into our shops and get to enjoy the vast collection of intricate loose diamonds. Are you searching for a pair of diamond to set in your jewellery today? Call in and book an appointment with us today.

Here at Ovadia Jewellery, we try as much as possible to offer personalised experiences for each customer. Just like precious stones and diamonds, we understand that everyone is unique and special in their own way. Our services are tailored to provide 100% customer satisfaction for the products chosen. A lifetime guarantee of exquisite taste and embodiment of beauty and purity.

Please visit us at our Hatton Garden jewellery shop and enjoy a wonderful trip into the brilliant world of pearls and diamonds. Feel free to call us today on 020 7405 1063 or leave us an email at [email protected] to book your appointment.