How To Keep Pets Safe While Vaping?


Every vape lover and pet keeper have asked himself the question at least once – Will vaping in the house affect my pet? Animals are extremely curious. You may turn away for a second, and they are already studying your e-liquid supply. So, is it really harmful to them?

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Is Vapour Dangerous For Home Animals?

The vapour of an e-liquid without nicotine is supposed not to be dangerous to pets. The clouds dissipate in the air, so home animals probably do not inhale it so much. Anyway be sensible and do not puff into their snouts. Dramatically different situation is with the e-juices, that contain nicotine. The substance is poisonous to animals, so vaping with nicotine you need to think how it can affect your four-legged friends. It’s a good idea to get an air purifier or filter that will clear your room’s air. Also, you might open your home windows to let the fresh air in, especially while you are vaping.

Remember the common symptoms of nicotine poisoning in a cat or dog to know when to get your pet to a veterinarian:

  • Sudden weakness in the legs
  • Tremors, shaking
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart beats or change in heart rate
  • Inactivity, lethargy

The effect of the nicotine will depend on the size of your pet and its overall health. The smaller is the animal, the smaller is the dose that may poison it.E-liquids Are The Main Danger
Nicotine containing e-juices play the main role in harming your pets. Flavours are relatively safe while Propylene Glycol and Vegetal Glycerin are components of some animal food. But some cats are especially sensitive to one of the ingredients – Propylene Glycol.

Ingesting of nicotine containing e-liquid may lead to pet’s anemia and may be even fatal to your small friend.

The symptoms of nicotine poisoning may appear almost immediately, including vomiting, muscle weakness, and tremors. In this case, get your pet to an emergency vet as soon as you note any of these signs, especially if you know for sure that they’ve ingested your vape liquid.

The most important advice is to keep e-juices out of the reach of your furry friends. If you refill your tank regularly, tighten well the bottle cap. The cats are usually not so interested in e-liquids, but the dogs get especially attracted to new smells and devices as well. So, it’s a good idea not to let anything from your vape stuff lie on the sofa or somewhere the pets can reach it.

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