Most people would agree that flowers are a novel and meaningful way of celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby. Friends and family can congratulate the parents of their new bundle of joy by gifting beautiful flower arrangements at home or the hospital.

Although newborn babies won’t have the tiniest memory or gratitude for the new child flowers sent their way, moms and dads will feel special for the thoughtful flowers delivered to their house.

That said, just like wedding flowers in Sydney, not just any type of flower will do. There are a few essential things that one needs to keep in mind when shopping for new baby flowers.

Choose a colour that matches the baby’s gender

First and foremost, you’d want to consider the gender of the newborn baby and choose an appropriate colour combination. For example, you can select a flower arrangement that is predominantly pink for a new baby girl. A mix of red and yellow flowers are viable options as well.

On the other hand, flowers with shades of powder blue is a good option for parents of a new baby boy.

Choosing the right type of flowers

When sending brand-new baby kid and infant woman flowers, you need to choose a flower based on their resilience and longevity. Although it might be tempting to send out flowers that are delicate and fragrant, you might wish to select flowers that are known to remain fresh for as long as possible.

If your budget allows, you can arrange for the flowers to remain planted on a vase so that they might stay with the family for as long as possible. If well cared for, some flowers can last for months or even years, allowing it to grow with the baby.

Some great flower options for a newborn baby include popular ones such as roses, tulips and lilies. That said, your options are not limited to these types of flowers.

When picking out flowers for parents of a newborn, it would also be thoughtful to choose flowers according to the significance that they convey. Here are a few varieties that are well worth considering:

  • Daisies that symbolise the innocence of a newborn baby
  • Orchids that have long been regarded by the Chinese as a symbol of fertility
  • Chrysanthemums that signify the joy felt by parents
  • Sea lavenders to congratulate the parents for a successful and safe delivery
  • Yarrows which symbolise luck and good health
  • Pink tulips that express kindness and concern

Make an effort to add a little extra

A bouquet of new baby flowers in Sydney can be prepared with some extra bits and pieces that can make it even more special. To make your baby gift stand out. You can add balloons, chocolates, fruits, and stuffed animals, too! These touches aren’t too hard and need not be too pricey. That said, these will undoubtedly add to the overall charm of new baby flowers. Such an effort is bound to be appreciated by the family as they welcome new addition to their growing family.

Be considerate

Before gifting newborn baby flowers to a friend or family member, you would likely know about any allergies or hypersensitivity issues that the recipient might be struggling with. Hence you would want to take these factors into account.