What is necessary for a child in a car? The seats are designed specially for children in order to protect them from injuries in road accidents and to provide comfort during travelling in a car. Infants require a lot of care in their first years, but a child car seat is the most important one. Such seats are mandatory in most countries and there are high penalties for transporting a child without a proper seat. Adult seat belt cannot standard ECE R44 used for a child as it is designed for taller and heavier occupants thus can harm children. Our online-shop presents child seats and boosters. Booster seats and booster cushions, mounted on the car seat in order to assure a proper position of a seating child, present the second category. Use of a booster allows using an adult seat belt put into the appropriate position across the child’s chest. These accessories are not appropriate for babies but for larger children.

According to UN standard ECE R44 all child seats are divided into four groups, depending on a child’s age and weight. These are:

  1. It includes rearward facing carry cots and seats which are assure in placed by a standard adult seat belt and/or an ISOFIX fitting. They hold a child lying on its back and are designed for infants of <10 kg weight. If the child seat is mounted in the front, make sure the front airbag is disabled.

0+. This group seats can accommodate children from newborn all the way through to 13kg.

  1. These seats are fastened with the help of an adult seat belt and have five-point baby harness to hold an infant. Recommended weight is 9–18 kg. Group 1 seats provide forward-facing seating.
  2. This group is presented by larger seats designed for children of 15–25 kg weight.
  3. Seats of this group are also known as booster seats. They are recommended for a child of 22–36 kg weight.

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